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Spreadsheet Safe is the benchmark spreadsheet risks
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Spreadsheets are one of the most widely used end-user computing applications. With more than a billion spreadsheet end-users worldwide, spreadsheets underpin the operations of most organisations and businesses. At the same time, research tells us that over 80% of spreadsheets have errors* and many organisations are unaware that their spreadsheets are not designed or maintained to a level that complies with international best practice. The Spreadsheet Safe Programme is aimed at end-users and organisations who rely on spreadsheets every day, and who recognise the importance of critical and perceptive spreadsheet end-users, who are keenly attuned to the risks of spreadsheet error, and who recognise the potential implications.

Spreadsheet Safe provides a range of key skills in order that Candidates develop their own checking routines and instincts to ensure that all their spreadsheet inputs, calculations and outputs are valid and reliable. Candidates also learn to strengthen their soft skills, and develop an increased awareness and appreciation about spreadsheet risks, leading to enhanced spreadsheet integrity and accuracy. Spreadsheet Safe Candidates are also aware that spreadsheets may be subject to audit, and understand that spreadsheets may be subject to a range of sectoral regulatory requirements. The Spreadsheet Safe qualification is both a prerequisite qualification for practitioner spreadsheet end-users, and an important and valuable quality assurance measure for organisations.

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Who Validates the Spreadsheet Safe Syllabus?

Syllabus Advisory Council

The Syllabus for Spreadsheet Safe is developed in conjunction with our Syllabus Advisory Council. The Syllabus Advisory Council is a distinct validation support to the Spreadsheet Safe programme, and comprises some of the world’s leading experts in spreadsheet risks. The Advisory Council members are drawn from the leading professional bodies, from industry and practice, as well as from academia. The purpose and role of the Syllabus Advisory Council is to validate the technical definition of the Spreadsheet Safe programme as the benchmark end-user spreadsheet risks certification programme. The Syllabus Advisory Council seek to support the formal syllabus definition for the Spreadsheet Safe programme by examining and preserving both the technical accuracy and continued relevance of the programme. The Syllabus Advisory Council also assist with raising awareness about spreadsheet risks in general, and provide expert recommendations about the development of the Spreadsheet Safe programme. By providing both critical expert insights and practical guidance the Syllabus Advisory Council assist in establishing the skill sets and knowledge areas that make up the Spreadsheet Safe certificate programme.
Members include: Dudley Dolan (Chair), Patrick O’Beirne, Grenville Croll, Jamie Chambers, David Lyford-Smith, Garry Cleere.

setting the Standard to Develop
Spreadsheet Risks Awareness and Skills

Spreadsheet Safe Syllabus Outline

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