Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment Tool

Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment Tool

We are delighted to to be able to bring you information about the Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment Tool this morning. With assesment items drawn from across the programme Syllabus, the Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment tool allows you to see at first hand how you rate in terms of your spreadsheet skills, and in particular how well you are aware of potential risks, pitfalls and dangers when you use spreadsheets.

We have tried to make the Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment simple and intuitive to use, and there is a summary reporting chart, which allows you see very easily how well you have done across the key Spreadsheet Safe programme skills and knowledge categories:

  • Setup
  • Input
  • Calculate
  • Output
  • Audit

The Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic also helps you understand how common errors can be avoided by adopting the norms of spreadsheet checking, backup, validation and review. Key programme themes elaborated and developed extensively within the Spreadsheet Safe training and certification programme.

For those of you who wish to generate an ‘Organisation-wide’ picture about spreadsheet risks skills and knowledge within your organisation, we can provide a Spreadsheet Safe ‘Organisation Diagnostic Report’. For the Spreadsheet Safe ‘Organisation Diagnostic Report’, please contact me directly at garry.cleere@spreadsheetsafe.com indicating your organisation name, and we can compile this report. One comment to add in this instance, we will need at least 30 ‘Diagnostic’ respondents from your organisation in order to produce this initial organisation view.

One of the great values of the Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment tool, is that it allows the organisation to develop a valuable picture of spreadsheet risks skills and knowledge within the organisation. The ‘Organisation Diagnostic Report’ can be used as an ‘actionable report’, brought to the Audit or Risk Committee and then providing a basis for appropriate training, or as the rationale for a new compliance measure.

You can access the Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment tool from the Spreadsheet Safe website at www.spreadshetsafe.com and by clicking on the Diagnostic Menu tab at the top, or by going directly to Diagnostic tool at web address:


We are delighted to make the Spreadsheet Safe Diagnostic Assessment tool available this morning, and we are very keen to hear your feedback, and impressions about how you get on.

Best of luck!


Garry Cleere
Programme Manager
Spreadsheet Safe

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